Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Leap of Faith Experience...

So yeah, my 1st assignment for the Global Talent Search is due this coming Monday but I only really have today and tomorrow to really devote time to my I'm only posting a short but sweet post of my progress and experience with this.

First off, when I got the assignment I had some ideas in mind but I also spent some time researching the subject and then I did a few rough sketches.  Then I hit a mental block...I wasn't 'feeling' the look of my sketches, then I decided to just start on my background of my's almost done (my layering process for the background) and as it was drying at first I began to question myself as I couldn't get myself to draw what was whispering in my just wasn't very clear yet...I  had no idea where to even continue and I started wondering what was I thinking when I signed up!!

So then I started doing some other research for a few things...they weren't really related to my project but as I was listening to some information on YouTube all of a sudden I picked up my pencil and exactly what I wanted to portray for my project came out! So now I better get back to work...I know there is a lot of talented artists that have joined this contest...but I figure it doesn't hurt to try.  If God wants my artwork to be shared with the world then it will!  God bless!!

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