Saturday, March 30, 2013

Forecast of Renewal...

I am definately in a state of renewal...a new phase of transformation...mind, body and soul!  So many things that are taking place in my life are changing from moment to moment...the Lord amazes me to bewilderment and enchantment just about every day.  He never ceases to amaze me and I love it!  During this whole past Lenten season has been a time of  witnessing and experiencing miracles as well as experiencing life on a whole other level.

It's like my mind can't keep up with the changes and new mind blowing life reminds me of when I was telling our little girl Cailan of how I have so many things I can't wait to surprise her with and she said:  "You mean even more than you already have?"  I said "Uhuhh!" and she goes "Oh my, I don't think I can take anymore!"  :)  Thinking of that moment makes me smile and giggle with delight!  Knowing that the next part of my life with her is to finally be a she has already called me!

My husband and I will finally have a child...a little girl will now have a mother and father who will love her and make sure she will always be safe.  It's really hard to type all my feelings as my eyes keep filling up with tears...tears of joy of course!  This is the one miracle I have prayed for and now very soon it will will be!!

Artistically as well my view of things and the expressions I want to put to canvas are enhanced dramatically!  I have even been 'reworking' older pieces that although I thought they were complete or 'good enough' to sell now seem to be 'missing something' or be dull and lifeless...they needed new meaning, new layers to just be more 'me'...simply that is what everything in my life is about...I have changed...I think in a good way...a better way!
I originally created this in 2011...I reworked this piece to softer tones and eyes she's 'California Dreaming'
Spiritually, my Faith has been enhanced to a new and exciting level and I know there is more to come...the miracles that I will witness, the KNOWING without having to be proven has always been the way I've viewed God...but lately he still is blessing me with abounding and touching miracles or witnessing answered prayers...he is always showing me how much he loves me...every Lenten Season and especially to Good Friday, it is revealed to me more and more each year!  He pours down his affection and I lift up my hands to the sky to praise him and recieve all his love for me!

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