Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flying With Charity Wings

So I finally got the chance to meet Elena Etcheverry the founder of Charity Wings and the Charity Wings Art Center and I'd like to share a little about my visit.
Here is the beautiful Charity Wings banner that hangs by the entry way:
and here I am proudly standing underneath my 'Valentina 2013'!

Here is Elena & I after finally meeting...she is so sweet and friendly that I felt like we already met and we're old friends!  We got to chat for about an hour and she gave us a tour of the Art Center!  It was really nice to meet her and I'm surely going to be visiting more often...especially since I've become a member of the Charity Wings Art Center!

If any of you would like to be a part of a really fun and creative environment I really would like to encourage you to visit Charity Wings Art Center and become a member to help the Art Center to continue to be a wonderful place for crafters and artists alike to gain inspiration and friendships!

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