Saturday, January 24, 2015

Following An Exciting Path...

Whimsical Wednesdays:  Watercolor Illustrations "Happy"
I am really looking forward to where this current path I'm on right now is leading me...I truly believe I am being led by the Lord!  My mind feels like I have so many ideas just downloading in my brain...amazing stuff...I have felt this feeling before but this time it's not overwhelming's exciting!!!  I feel self assured that no matter what the outcome's better than where I've been stuck for years!  I feel that I've had many breakthrough's in so many areas of my my spiritual closeness to the Lord, in my marriage, as a mommy, as a daughter, and even in gaining new friendships as they are beginning to develop...I know the Lord has knocked down some heart is open...again!!

For years, for some is never planned for it to happen...but somewhere along the line, as I got disappointed by friendships that fizzled, love ones who have surprised me with disappointment, and even disappointing myself...I built a wall out of all that disappointment.  When I looked back I discovered that none of that disappointment in others or myself did me any kept me stuck in some sort of rut.

Now I'm not saying everything is one's life ever's just that I feel content with where I am at because I know that even though there are some dramatic things happening here and there...I know that the Lord is with me...and I can and will get through it!  Well with all that said, I'd like to share some things that I'm excited about:

I am sooo excited about being led to > it's a Christian Faith based community of Artist of all kinds who love the Lord and express that love in their art!  I feel like I finally belong somewhere...can't even begin to put how that feel into words!!  I am so happy too because I am going to be (and this part I am still in a bit of shock) an online Art Teacher...well, sort of...I am going to be doing online Art Workshop/Tutorials!  In fact I just finished one up this week ~ Here's the Ad I created for it:

I have also been working alot on my FaithTangles and may even do a workshop for it...I'm just waiting to hear back.  I already began to film (just yesterday in fact) my very 1st FaithTangle Friday Process Video where I create from the beginning to the end (colored) and just got these uploaded to my YouTube and FB...and will now post them here:
Introduction to my FaithTangles Video
My 1st FaithTangle Fridays Process Video - Part 1:  Drawing a FaithTangle
My 1st FaithTangle Fridays Process Video - Part 2:  Coloring in a FaithTangle

I've been wanting to film tutorials and project process videos and more for a long time but didn't have the right camera or set up...I'm also a little limited with my we are needing a new computer among other anyways, my husband got me a cool Flip Video Recorder for Christmas and my dad lent me his tripod and so now I'm just going to town with it!!  Well I think this is the longest post in a long time so I better go now!  May you have a blessed weekend...Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina :)

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