Wednesday, January 21, 2015

*Take Me Deeper from His Kingdom Come and more!

Well, I am a bit busy these days...sooo much is going on all at once of course...but there are more good than bad and I know my Lord is guiding and directing each step I take so it's all good!  So I'd like to start this post to share with you about this awesome FaithArt Journal /Bible Study that His Kingdom is doing for the whole year...all's called "Take Me Deeper"  If you'd ever wanted to do a bible study and work on an art journal (FaithArt) then come on over and join in!  Here's what I've worked on so far:
This is my "cover" for my *Take Me Deeper* FaithArt Journal
Here's what I created for week 1:  There is a lot of hidden meaning in most of this layout...
Week 1 -Transform Willingly
This one is more to the point:
Week 2 - Transform Vulnerably
Well I just need to finish last weeks lesson and I'm caught up...but before I can do that, I have some other exciting things to tend to...I am so happy to announce that I will be offering some online workshops at His Kingdom Com beginning with my Word of the Year Tutorial!  I am working on the last details and will announce as soon as it's all set up!  Well, just wanted to share a little but I better get to bed now...May the Lord be always by your side & Bless you always!  Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina

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