Saturday, January 5, 2013

Enthusiastic & Sparkly Inspiring Energy...

Wow...already this new year has been flowing with a positive atmoshphere!  I have been blessed already in so many ways...even miracles are taking place!!  I got to spend the last 2 days with my, love, love them all soo much and they are getting more and more beautiful every time I see them...but when I get to spend time with them is when I get to see their beauty not only on the outside, but on the inside!  They have left me with their enthusiastic and sparkly inspiring energy and reminded me that creating my artwork is important because it inspires them...and that means so much to me! 

*Knowing this really has reawakened my enthusiasm and brought me the sparkly inspiring energy that I needed and so this weekend I am planning on finishing up my 1st week's Life Book 2013 project and will post my pic on the next post! I also hope to finish up some new artwork to start selling in my etsy shop so stop by soon! :)

***Prayer Request***
We will be anxiously waiting all the way up to January 9th for the Court hearing for what we hope is good news in regards to our gaining custody to foster/adopt my cousins daughter so that she won't be lost to our family.  This may also include her older brother as well...we've had 2 rooms ready for both of them since June 2012...and we we're hoping to have them by Christmas time.  At this moment of my life, I would just be happy to know that all the hard work, effort, dissappointmens, etc will be worth it when we welcome them into our home!!  So I would really appreciate your prayers!
Cre8tvlyYrs & God Bless, Gina :)

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