Sunday, January 20, 2013

Starting my new Journey...being Art*Venturous!!

Hello Everybody!  Well I have been so busy and had an action packed week...for me that!  First of all I'm sooo excited to show you my newest creations..."Valentine Whimsies" - In The Pink Series 2013.  I have these listed in my etsy shop as prints for now as I'm still trying to decide what the best way to put these up for sale.  If you'd like to get your print(s) just click on the banner below:

New Etsy Shop Banner!
Also...the most funnest time I've ever had in a loooong time....I won a day pass for the Prima Art*Venture with Leeza Gibbons and I got to take a friend so I took my momma cause she's my best friend!  (So is my Artie but I knew he wouldn't want to!)  Anyways, here's a few pics and a Vlog post of my Prima Art*Venture Haul: 

Here I am at the {Prima} Art*Venture with Leeza Gibbons

No, really...we got to take a pic with her for reals! :)
*I have more pics posted in my Facebook ;)
Now here's my Vlog about our Prima Art*Venture Haul:

Here's my LB 2013 - Week 3 project:  Honestly, I am not too thrilled of how this project came out...BUT this was more experimental for me and I just let myself enjoy the process...besides I was really too busy to spend the time I'd need to get it right so it looks more like a doodley page.  :)  I took this course to push me out of my comfort zone and learn new things, which so far it certainly has...this project was alot of fun even though it's not my best work and I am determined to not get hung up on any of these projects...just to enjoy and learn from them and keep up with each week as best as I can.  The main message of course as from my Children's story:  "Just Bloom"! 

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