Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Ready To Soar

Hello everyone!  Soo, I am at a point where I really gotta hustle and get more artwork done but more importantly I NEED to sell them!!  We found out that we are approved to be adoptive parents to Cailan but we may need to go visit her a few times and she is in the state of Washington...which means we'll need to raise funds to go there...the most economical way possible...we're not sure of all the details yet but I feel like I need to do all I can to help us raise more money for this necessary trip and possibly two trips.

Not only for that reason but also in regards to the words that my husband Art, made a good point to me recently about my art and he was very encouraging and at the same time pushing me to do more and I am intending to move forward with courage and post to sell...possibly on e-bay.  My husband has been so supportive of me and my desire to make a business with my artwork but he pointed out that I need to actually sell my paintings to make it a business.

I won't lie...that's the hard part for me...I am so unsure of what value to place on my work and also to actually not get too attached to my work!  Also I need to move with confidence and courage...I get that little voice of doubt that pops in my head not as much as before...but it's still there...and this year I need to move past those thoughts with courage and just let myself soar!

I am working on some really cute and whimsical Valentine themed artworks and I hope to finish these up by this's a peek at what I'm doing...Aren't they cute? I'm soo excited about how these came out and can't wait to see them done...just gotta not let myself get too I actually have another series I'm planning!
 Also I'd like to share my latest Life Book Project for Week 2 that I finally finished late last was a project where we made a paper art doll that represents yourself and your intentions for the year of 2013.  Soo this is full of meaningful statements for me. We were supposed to use stamps but since I don't have a great stamp collection due to when I changed over to digital in 2005, I used a lot of prints from my digital collection...the butterflies and arms are from long ago and I can't recall where I got them but the face I used was from a free download from Whimsical Musings. blogspot. Amazingly when I seen this face she soo resembles one of my many beautiful nieces (cause they are all beautiful...seriously!!), so I just had to use it! 
About the meanings...I really feel that this is going to be a significant year for me...there are soo many changes that are going to take place soon and that will that's what all the butterflies represent...also her looking up and pointing up is sybolic for me always keeping my focus on the Lord...the birds represent the spiritual meanings of faith and one birdie carries a note that reads: God is Faithful...when I found that image I knew I needed to include it because I know that we wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for his faithfulness...we know we can always count on him and that he is going to bring us into abundance...which is why I wrote 'abundant' over the bird.
I did use a few stamps like my little font stamp collection and flowers for the background and the dove up top where I also stamped 'Faith' in it.  Also each butterfly represents the different changes and blessings around me...the butterflies on the dress say: 'You are a beautiful dreamer' (to remind me to keep dreaming BIG), 'Always Believe in Miracles' (to never give up on my hope for a baby as well as other miracles to come!), 'Change is Good' -quoted from the Butterfly (to remind me that I am no longer in the cocoon...I am now changed and emerging with my wings flapping back and forth getting ready to to soar!)
The other butterflies say:  'Love' (God, Jesus, My husband Art, Life), 'laugh often' (celebrate), 'Be Brilliant' (my artwork, business, Achieve and surpass, succeed, grow), 'JOY' (Family and Friends) -The words in paranthesis are the little handwritten or stamped messages around the butterflies.
I also put 2 quotes that I felt fit in with this whole composition:  "life is the art of drawing without an eraser." -John Gardner  "Today well lived, makes every yesterday a Dream of Happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of Hope."  Around the border I hand wrote all the good changes, miracles and abundance this year, 2013 will bring me...that I will soar to new heights...where I've never been before!  Finally, I also stamped 'Be Brave' and 'with Courage' on her arms to direct me on my focus and direction as I take a leap of faith and 'SOAR'!

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