Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Many Blessings & Miracles To Come...

Woohoo!  It's finally here...a new year...2013!!  Well this is the 1st time I'm doing this...but I decided to try out a little 'Vlogging' as a way to change up my blogging format a bit! :)  So this little video clip is just a way for me to document my thoughts after I just finished a really cool mixed media art journal project that I had just finished.  The photo of it in full is my blog header above right now.  This is a free course that the biggest sweetheart in the world ever, Tamara Laporte has available at willowing.ning.com and it's called 'Art, Heart & Healing' just look under 'free classes' and let Tam know that Gina Arzaga sent ya! ;)  Please note that I totally 'Tim Allen'd' (as my husband calls it) probably most of the lesson so it's best that you sign up and see her lesson videos yourself! :) lol!  Also...PLEASE excuse all the very often times I use the words: 'and uum' 'um' and 'like'...I need to learn how to video edit obviously! 
As for the new year...2013...I feel it's gonna be a special year for me...last year was better than some previous years earlier but I feel that not just for my husband and I but for me personally in all aspects of my life that things are going to continue to get better...In fact I'd like to include this prayer that I got from a FB page called "I am a Woman of God":

Don’t quit running! Keep on moving and following the truth of God in His word and by His Spirit. Run with grace and wisdom and don’t allow no one to hinder your progress. Keep the faith and expect your change to come. You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth? (Gal 5:7)

May God give you grace and peace with uncommon favor. May He give you strength and courage to stand firm in your faith. May God give you long life and great health all the days of your life. May this coming year, 2013 be a year of greater things for you in every area of your life, your home, your marriage, your career or place of employment. In school or college, may God give you all that you need and desire as you honestly delight yourself in Him. May God open up doors and close doors that you no longer need in Jesus name, may God be glorified in all that you do in Jesus I pray for you all, Amen
***I was sooo inspired by that and really feel that her prayer was designed just for me! :) ***

Another thing I'm currently excited about is that I have joined an awesome year long Mixed Media Course called:

Just click on the button above for more information of this awesome course that features soo many top artista's if your interested in joining!!  :)  This is the first little 'warm up' exercise we did for our first project (of course I did not fully follow directions, well...let's just say I changed it up a bit!)

We were to make an Fairy Art Mother but I chose to call her my Art Angel...'Annabel' which means loving...soo love it!  So for this whole year...I will be documenting and posting my course art here...so stop by often if you'd like to see more artwork as well as to witness the unfolding of many miracles and blessings to come!  God Bless you all and may your have a wonderful and blessed year!!

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