Thursday, January 10, 2013

Miracles Unfolding...

I am still in much is happening right many dynamic life changes...for me...for my husband...and for a darling little girl...we have been through soo much to get where we are right now...and it still feels surreal, I feel as though I'm in a dream...why do I feel this way?  Well, today we found out that we were approved by the judge to be the adoptive parents to my cousin's little girl.  Out of respect for my family, I won't be saying to much details of this whole case, but only expressing my feelings as I have gone through so much just to get here.

Right now, I feel happy...and calm...peace in my heart about this...I know I am on the right path...things in my life will soon be changing...all for the better...I know it!!  I know that things aren't going to be perfect until the day I am in Heaven...but I know that the Lord is watching over me and my family and he is faithful...and he will bless us in abundance so that we can keep being a blessing to others!!

There is soo much in my heart that I wish to express...and at the same time I feel a loss for words...which makes me want to use my paintbrush to let it all fact I got 4 canvases ready and I found some canvases and other papers where I had backgrounds with the drawings already on them...I've fallen behind on getting new artwork done since I've been on 'stand by' with all the waiting for this answer we recieved today!

Which leads me to this interesting conversation my husband and I had today...about actually letting go of my past artwork and any future artwork...yeah, I need to start being brave and putting all my artwork out there and actually SELL them!!  This conversation with my husband was actually that little push I needed to make me start to have let step off the comfy cozy made me realize;  What am I waiting for?  Really?  What am I waiting for?!

Sooo now I want to share some current projects I've finished for Life Book 2013 and Tam's Art, Heart & Healing Workshops.  I've enjoyed these projects since they have pushed me to try new methods, learn new things and most of all to have fun!!  God Bless and Cre8tvlyYrs, Gina

Life Book 2013 - Wk 1 project - Blessings & Goals 2013 Journey

My Cute Whimsies from Tam's Art, Heart & Healing Workshop

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