Monday, January 21, 2013

Healing An Injured Wing...A Reflection Of God's Love

Sooo aside from all the business of last week/weekend...I forgot to mention that I have a little visitor since Friday mom's dog got to a beautiful dove...she didn't puncture it but her wing is damaged...I have been taking care of her as best as I can and still hope that her wing will heal so that she can fly mom found some numbers to places that help rehab birds like her so Artie and I will take her to one located in Temecula tomorrow.

At first I wondered why an injured Dove would be placed in my path amidst all the other things going on in my life...then it hit me just this morning after I recieved the biggest sign of all in the form of a pm in my facebook (which I will share soon later in this post)...I realized that the Dove represents me...this realization touched me deeply...made me realize just how much the Lord loves me and looks after all my needs, desires, wishes from within and whispered hopes.

The reason that I know that this Dove represents me is because it happens to be a 'Mourning' Dove...and it's injury happens to be in one wing only...and from the beginning I wanted her to be able to fly reflection, I realized that the Lord was using this Dove to remind me how I once was like a bird in flight...and through life's heartaches and losses of loved ones was like how one of my wings got broken and that's what kept me from flying...

You see, I had been right at a point in my life where I was about to work on a dream that I had to write and illustrate a children's story...the book is called 'The Rose In Floralsopar' and it's message is to let children know how special they are to God and for them to "Just Bloom".  I was able to self publish and was getting ready to start planning on how to market this story when my beloved Grandma Prudy passed away in 2005 due to complications from Diabetise.

Well, her loss impacted me creativity fell the Mourning Dove with an injured wing...I did nothing with the book except sell a few to my friends and family, I couldn't even look at my scrapbooking stuff and all my drawing ceased...little by little, I began to open up again and so I decided that since for some reason I was unable to use my arts & crafts supplies then I'll try it out digitally and that was sort of the rescue my creative wings through out the past 8 years I have been expanding and when I rediscovered painting and mixed-media art around 2007 well I've been really happy in creating my artworks.

But since this last year, I've been feeling that there needs to be more for me to do this for...and just today I got the message that made me realize what it was...earlier today I recieved a message that my offer to donate artwork for a wonderful charity organization was accepted...the amazing part...the name of this organization happens to be...Charity Wings!!  Soon after this is when my mom called me with the numbers for the organizations that help rehab wild birds and that's when everything...this realization hit that moment I knew that I am on the right path of my journey.

As much as I love birds and would love to have them, what keeps me from getting them is the fact that I love that they represent freedom to fly, to soar, to enjoy the sky in all it's glory...I don't think I could ever keep a bird from that part of their little lives.  Just as I care for this beautiful dove to be able to fly again, I know the Lord wants that for me too...and I know that I will fly, I will SOAR!!

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